Week Activities

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Week Activities

  • Yoga Yoga

  • Ceramic and Sculpture Ceramic and Sculpture

  • Music Music

  • Modern Dance Modern Dance

School Year 2012-13

Beside individual work with Montessori materials every week we propose our pupils the following activities:

  • Modern Dance classes for boys and girls with a professional dance teacher Sasha Latuszkin. The dance allows the children to coordinate their movements, body awareness and discover the free expression with the music. The also learn steps and movements of popular songs and dances.
  • Ceramics and Sculpture with ceramic artist Patrycja Karolak. Sculpture is the creation of three dimensional structures, challenging the child’s imagination. There are endless possibilities for constructing and modelling various materials into unusual and wonderful sculptures. Children have the opportunity to experience the delight of squeezing, moulding and creating different shapes.
  • Theatre with actress Ania Bojara. The teacher conducts theatre activities: puppets play, pantomime and drama games for children. Children have chance to practice performance in front of the public, clear and loud speech and personate the different roles.
  • Yoga classes with an experienced Yoga teacher Bartek Tarchalski. He is one of the first trained yoga Teachers in Poland with ten years of experience with our preschool students. During the lessons children learn how to stretch, practice the deep breath and enjoy the funny positions. Children love the “roaring lion” and “stretching cat” positions!
  • Zoology lessons. Every second week we meet with zoologist Katarzyna Kotkiewicz from Momus, who introduces to the children different species from each animal group. We started in January with insects, we will finish in June with mammals.
  • Music with Loren Barnet and Gill McMahon. Teachers play piano, drums and guitar, and conduct music and rhythmic for all the children. Children learn English and Polish songs, rhymes and play instruments. They also prepare, practice and perform two concerts, in front of parents twice a year.
  • Weekly art and craft activities. Children have chance on daily basis to express themselves in free art like easel painting, salt play-dough, cutting, gluing, etc. Once a week in addition they create their own project or group project.
  • Polish classes with two groups depending on the level of language. Polish children work on Montessori Language Program in Polish to practice how to read and write, and express themselves in their native language. Other children learn simple words useful in everyday life, songs and poems.
  • Nature Art. Children are able to make their own creations with materials found in nature. They have the opportunity to create an individual piece, or work in a group on larger projects.
  • The Outdoor program includes gardening, watering and planting the seeds for the plants. The children work in the garden seasonally.
  • Football and outdoor games. The games with a ball permit the children to play in the group and coordinate their body movements.