Summer School

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Summer School

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  • Visiting the Fire Station Visiting the Fire Station

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We invite you to join us in these wonderful and unique opportunities!

Children from 16 months old up to 9 years old are invited to join our Summer Program in two locations: Warsaw-Wilanów, Królewicza Jakuba 36 and Konstancin-Jeziorna, Sadowa 4.
We will spend our days in the gardens and on the field trips, enjoy the bouncy castle and the water slides. Beside the main topics we will also cooking or baking every Friday. Children starting the Primary school in fall will be reading the books and making journals. We will continue the circle time every day with show and tell, story reading. Lots of art and craft will be waiting on the shelves instead of Montessori materials…

2013 Summer Calendar:

Week 1: July 1-5
Week 2: July 8-12
Week 3: July 15-19
Week 4: July 22-26
Week 5: July 29 -August 2
Week 6: August 5-9
Week 7: August 12-16 (on 15th the school is closed Public Holiday)
Week 8: August 19-23
Last week of August both locations are closed for staff training week.

Summer with Toddlers

We welcome our youngest community members to the summer programs!
The Toddlers Program runs as a Montessori environment throughout the summer and is open to children currently enrolled in and attending the Montessori Academy. In addition to daily activities taking place mostly outside or in music classroom, the children will enjoy a theme each week of arts, crafts, cooking & books.
Week 1: Transportation
Week 2: Shapes
Week 3: Colors
Week 4: Fun in the Sun!
Week 5: Food, Food, Food!
Week 6: Wild Animals
Week 7: Farm animals
Week 8: Zoo animals
You may drop your child off at the Toddler classroom from 8:30 – 9:30 and or may pick up our Child at the garden from 12:00-12:30. Morning snack will be provided.
Those Toddlers staying for full day transition to the Children’s house environment at 12:30 for lunch. Pick up in the afternoon will be at 2:30 pm at the benches.
We do not offer the field trips in the Summer for Toddlers.

Children’s House 3-6 years old

This programs are for children currently enrolled and not enrolled (for those ones we need an application form)

Week 1: Beautiful Bugs and discover USA!
An army of ants, buzzing bees, creaking crickets, lovely ladybugs, beautiful butterflies, and green grasshoppers are just some of interesting insects we will learn about. We will study a new insect each day for first week. We will also make the USA flags and have fun on 4th of July!
We will make the scrap books to fill them with the journals and souvenirs from whole summer!!!

Week 2 and 3: Archeology and clay
Join us and experience working with clay. We will do hand building of pots, plates, and sculpture as well as glazing and firing the pots in pottery atelier! Try wheel throwing with Patrycja (ceramics teacher and artist) who is a professional production potter.
We will be also digging in the soil and send in the sandpit to search for fossils and dinosaurs skeletons!!!!

Week 4: Let’s go to the Beach and dive in the Ocean
Our mornings will be spend studying the Oceans, seas and their Creatures!!!! We will spend the afternoons outdoors with (if weather permit us) plenty of water play, sand and refreshing drinks made of fresh fruits!!!!!!
Visit at the Zoo and observing the sea creatures.

Week 5: Explore Warsaw!
We will learn about the capital of Poland, Warsaw symbols such a mermaid and about the animals living around Warsaw forests, the interesting buildings and typical food.

Week 6: When I grow up I am going to Be a…
Doctor, veterinarian, firefighter, nurse, teacher, police? Lets take a look at the many choices you may have. We will welcome visitors from several career fields to visit and share their careers!
We hope to visit the fire station, vet and we will make pizza with real Italian chef de la cuisine in Italian restaurant!

Week 7: Sports
Get you athletic gear ready for a week of sports. During this week we will learn the fundamentals and practice our skills for different sports, as well as learn about unique history of the sports.

Week 8: If I were a pirate or a mermaid… also we will check why the dinosaurs disappeared?
We will build a ship and swim like a mermaid in the little pool! We will travel through the oceans and make the maps to find a treasure!!!!!
We will discover when the dinosaurs lived and what they liked.

Elementary children 6-9 years old

Week 1 and 2: Art is an experience, not an object
We will be experimenting with traditional and unusual art materials. We will study some of more interesting artists and their styles, develop ideas, and create our own ketches, collages, sculptures, and more.
We will also visit and work at the pottery atelier!!!!!!

Week 3: An Author a Day
Look into books a whole new way! Each day we will discover a new author and the books they have written. We will discuss how we relate to the stories and make the connections by incorporating math, reading, and reading to make reading “real”!!!!!

Week 4: Experiment with Science!
What happens when you combine different substances? How does electricity move through a circuit? What are different forms of matter? These are some questions we will explore through out this week of experimental inquiry.

Week 5: Warsaw architecture and seasonal fruit and vegetable preserves
We will visit Warsaw and make a map of Warsaw with historical buildings on it.
We will learn how to preserve the fruits and vegetables from our gardens.

Week 6, 7 and 8 joining the Children house programs.

Daily Schedule Children’s House and Elementary

Please note that times vary from the school year:
Morning Drop Off 8:00- 9:30 am
Morning Pick Up 12:00-12:30
Afternoon Pick Up 2:00 – 2:30 pm

Snacks will be provided by pre-school.
Lunch – Full day Children need to bring a sack lunch or you can choose optional catering lunch. Water is provide through whole day.

Wilanów 22 842 24 81 or 502 315 022
Konstancin 516 148 409 or 502 315 022